Candied Manner


"Catch bees with honey."

Materials:  Rainbow iridescent rice freshwater pearl, polished fire engine red glass heart with frosted edges, heart shaped sterling silver toggle clasp.


Length:  110" ~ This necklace can be worn in many ways; from bib style to a layered bracelet.


This is a necklace/bracelet we hope that you will have in your accessory collection for a lifetime.  It is SUCH a fun piece.  Whimsical yet elegant, this candy coloured necklace, with a hint of hearts, can be worn with nearly anything.  If you work in the corporate world and want to go for a sophisticated yet fun look, try wearing a tapered black dress or a blouse and a pencil skirt with this necklace, layered in a bib-collar style (as seen in the main picture).  You can also wear this necklace in a longer style; wrapped around twice for a very long rope-length look or three times for a matinee-length finish.  Finally, you can layer and layer this necklace around your wrist to wear it as a multi-layered bracelet - we just LOVE the way this looks...our 3Shahs' team likes to call this style a 'bracelet sleeve'. 

And of course you don't have to be in the corporate world or into haute couture to own this piece.  Like many of the designs in our collections, we create our pieces to be 'boho-chic' ...meaning you can wear them casually - say like a bohemian, gypsy, or hipster would or formally - say to your best friend's wedding.